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“My accounting team is happier.”

“My SOPs are shorter and easier to train on. Striven is intuitive and thinks through needs for quick access time savings.”

—Amanda H., VP of Finance, Highgate Homes

List of Striven's accounting-centric features

Fast Reports. Unlimited Users. Amazing Support.

Your business deserves cloud accounting functionality that connects every facet of your organization, fully customized for your industry. Explore Striven’s world-class financial management tools and simplify running your business.

  • Generate robust financial reports in seconds
  • Reconcile business and bank financial information
  • Easily manage your purchasing process
  • Quickly make decisions based on graphical dashboard reports

Compare Striven to Quickbooks Online

How users of Striven and Quickbooks Online rated each software on some of the most
popular software review websites.


Customer Support

Ease Of Use

Likelihood To Recommend

Value For Money

Ease Of Setup

Starts at $35/month, per user
G2: 9/10
Capterra: 4.8/5
G2: 8.6/10
Capterra: 4.5/5
Capterra: 86.8%
Capterra: 4.7/5
G2: 8.3/10
Quickbooks Online
‘Essentials’ starts at $40/month
G2: 7.5/10
Capterra: 4/5
G2: 8.1/10
Capterra: 4.2/5
Capterra: 72%
Capterra: 4.1/5
G2: 7.9/10

“We switched to Striven from QuickBooks Online. Striven is the most customizable ERP on the market.”

Bill M., Business Dev. Director

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Account For Everything

With advanced inventory management capabilities, native integration to project and customer data, and calendaring and collaboration tools, Striven handles processes that other accounting softwares simply aren’t built to.

cloud accounting field service software customer vendor portals

Integrated Billing & Client Portals

Always have a 360° view of your financial data.

Top notch client portals, customized reporting, and easy-to-use financial dashboards make all of your billing, expenses, and payroll a breeze.

Top-Rated Customer Support

Striven offers centralized customer support, training, and implementation guidelines with all subscriptions and is entirely U.S. based.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is training available?


    Yes! The Striven Success Team offers free training, guidance, and support for all users of the system.

  • Can I add my accountant, bookkeeper, tax pro, etc?


    Yes, you can give anyone you’d like access to your system. Empower users with tailor-made permissions, effortlessly managed by you and your staff.

  • Can Striven generate financial reports? What types?


    Yes. Striven transforms data into diverse financial insights, tailored for your success. This includes: P&L, balance sheets, statements, cash flow reports, year end wrap-ups, and other types of custom financial reports on all of your transactional data.

  • What kind of support does Striven offer?


    Striven offers a comprehensive array of support services including phone support, chat support, guides, instructional videos, and a community discussion board. We’re always here to help!

  • Can I set up automatic invoices for recurring customers?


    Yes, automatic invoicing offers a practical solution for simplifying the billing process, making your business more efficient.

  • How many bank transactions can I import?


    Striven offers the ability to import all of your bank transactions, no matter your bank.

  • Can I create custom invoicing that matches my brand/company?


    Yes, Striven enables the creation of customizable templates that reflect your business’s branding, enhancing consistency and promoting a cohesive identity.

  • Can I run multiple businesses within Striven?


    Yes! Striven offers the flexibility to manage diverse businesses and various locations, making it an adaptable solution for your complex organizational needs.

  • How can I track inventory in Striven?


    You can track your inventory by account, by location, and by value. Striven’s all-in-one approach helps to consolidate tasks, reduce errors, and decrease the overall amount of time you spend tracking inventory.

  • Will my business outgrow Striven?


    No! Striven adapts to your evolving needs, providing scalable solutions that support both you and your business’s growth over the long term.

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