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Full-Service Portals

Provide clients, vendors, and candidates with tools to improve communication and insight.

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Easier Connections, Payments, and Recruiting

Striven portals work for anyone your organization does business with. Once you grant customers, vendors, subcontractors, or candidates access, they have an immediate window into your system. Whether you’re keeping them apprised of next steps, providing an easier way to pay invoices, or finding the right person for the job, portals help you get it done.


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Customer Portal

  • Approve contracts online
  • Pay invoices
  • Apply credit to invoices (and choose how it’s applied)
  • Receive and share messages, documents, and important information
  • Submit tasks
  • See their work history (tasks, orders, opportunities, transactions)
  • Get 24/7 access- not just during business hours

Vendor Portal

  • Establish communication and collaboration quickly
  • Search for vendors based on criteria you can customize
  • Allow contract-approved purchase orders
  • Send PO requests to multiple vendors at once
  • Allow vendors to submit bills directly
  • Assign tasks to vendors
  • Vendors can view work history

Candidate Portal

  • Create job postings
  • Allow applicants to apply online
  • Set up application steps to streamline hiring
  • Automate communications with candidates
  • Easily convert candidates to employees
  • Candidates can upload required documents

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can customers and vendors manage their own information on Striven’s portals?


    Yes, Striven’s portal allows customers and vendors to manage their own information, including contact details, payment methods, and order history. This feature not only saves your team time but also provides a better experience for your customers and vendors.

  • Can customers track their order status through the portal?


    Absolutely. Striven’s customer portal includes real-time order tracking features. Customers can easily check the status of their orders, providing transparency and improving customer satisfaction.

  • Can vendors view and manage purchase orders through Striven’s portal?


    Yes, Striven’s vendor portal allows vendors to view and manage their purchase orders. They can confirm receipt of orders, update their progress, and notify you of any issues or changes.

  • What kind of support does Striven offer?


    Striven offers a comprehensive array of support services including phone support, chat support, guides, instructional videos, and a community discussion board. We’re always here to help!

  • Does Striven’s portal support online payments for customers?


    Indeed, Striven’s customer portal supports online payments. Customers can securely pay their invoices using a variety of payment methods, including credit/debit cards and bank transfers.

  • Can vendors submit invoices through the portal?


    Yes, vendors can easily submit their invoices through Striven’s vendor portal. This streamlines the invoice processing, making it faster and more efficient.

  • Does Striven’s portal provide options for customers to submit support tickets?


    Yes, Striven’s customer portal includes a support ticket system. Customers can submit tickets for any issues or queries they may have, and your support team can manage and resolve these tickets directly from Striven.

  • Can customers view their transaction history on the portal?


    Yes, customers can view their full transaction history on Striven’s customer portal. This includes all their orders, payments, and any outstanding invoices.

  • Is there an option for vendors to update their product or service listings on the portal?


    Yes, vendors can manage their product or service listings on Striven’s vendor portal. They can update product details, prices, availability, and more, ensuring your team always has the most current information.

  • Can Striven integrate with other software solutions?


    Yes! Striven offers the ability to integrate with some of the most popular solutions on the market. Check out the full list right here.

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