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Organize your team, allocate resources, and make projects more profitable.

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striven project management dashboard

Small Details and Big Picture

Managing projects well is about much more than just keeping your team on track. It’s about finding the right people for the job, informing your customers about project status, managing changes, and assessing profitability. Set yourself up for success from the very beginning of each project.


The Only Solution You'll Ever Need

All of the tools to help you grow—together and simplified. None of the headaches.

Plan & Schedule

Set roles and expectations so each member of your team knows what’s due, and when.

  • Set and track project budgets
  • Create project workflows
  • Upload data and documents
  • Set target dates and milestones
  • Share files company-wide
Assignments for team members in Striven's project management
Milestone view in Striven's project management dashboard with tasks and assigned team members

Track & Manage

  • Create detailed task descriptions and attach documents or links
  • Send alerts for newly assigned and due-soon tasks
  • Store and share documents that every employee can easily access
  • Drag and drop for more dynamic task flow
  • Organize tasks by category with smart labels
  • Create private tasks only accessible to those with permission

Determine Project Cost, Scope, & Timeline

Create instant reports to analyze project profitability and milestone status. Striven gives you the tools to know what works, and the agility to refine all of your projects.

Change order management

  • Give customers complete transparency on your process and keep your team accountable when projects change.
  • Easily update the scope of work or cost of any project, according to the requirements of the change order.
Striven's project management kanban board view with tasks and assignments
Marking a task complete in Striven's project management

On Time Completion

As your projects move toward completion, team members can review every task and milestone to ensure they’ve accounted for 100% of their work.

Schedule With a Smarter Calendar

Effortless collaboration with your coworkers and contacts:

  • Track and manage appointments
  • View co-worker conflicts for meeting times and locations
  • Get alerts and reminders for meetings
  • View peer calendars
  • Request meetings with colleagues, customers, and vendors
  • Google calendar integration
Striven multi-project display | Kanban and Gantt charts

Multiple Project Displays

Show your projects in either Kanban boards, Gantt charts, or lists. Striven lets each user choose their preferred method of viewing entire projects or specific sections defined by date.

Document Management

Striven offers a robust and secure space for all your organization’s documents. Say goodbye to disorganized files and the challenges of version control.

You can easily store, categorize, search, and retrieve files, ensuring your critical business data is just a click away.

striven document management hub

Turn Emails Directly Into Tasks

  • Automate tasks from messages from our free Gmail add-on tool.
  • Customize fields for task name, type, and automatically import your task description.
  • Select attachments to add documents and data to tasks.

Collaborate With Customers and Vendors

  • Cloud accessible. Anywhere, on any device
  • Customers can view projects and request and track additional tasks
  • Send project status notifications to clients
  • Create transparency between companies

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is training available for Striven’s project management functions?


    Yes! The Striven Success Team offers free training, guidance, and support for all users of the system.

  • Can all of my employees use Striven?


    Yes, you can give anyone you’d like access to your system via Striven’s Portals. Empower users with tailor-made permissions, effortlessly managed by you and your staff.

  • What collaboration tools does Striven offer?


    Striven features multiple chat options, file sharing, real-time updates, report generation, and many other tools to help your team succeed.

  • Can I generate project reports with Striven?


    Yes, Striven ERP has powerful reporting capabilities. You can generate custom reports on various aspects of your projects, such as progress, costs, resources, and more, helping in making informed decisions.

  • Can Striven ERP handle multiple projects simultaneously?


    Yes, Striven is designed to manage multiple projects concurrently. You can monitor progress, allocate resources, and track budgets for all your projects from a single dashboard.

  • How does Striven facilitate collaboration within the project team?


    Striven provides collaboration tools that allow team members to communicate, share documents, and update task statuses in real time. It promotes efficient workflow and ensures everyone is on the same page.

  • Is Striven ERP capable of managing resources effectively?


    Yes, Striven ERP offers resource management capabilities, including the tracking of team members’ workload and project resources. It helps in efficient resource allocation, ensuring no over-utilization or under-utilization.

  • Can I track project costs and budget with Striven ERP?


    Absolutely. Striven ERP provides detailed financial tracking capabilities. You can monitor project costs, compare them against budgets, and make informed financial decisions.

  • Does Striven offer any project risk management features?


    While Striven does not directly manage project risk, its comprehensive reporting and tracking tools can help identify potential issues early, which contributes to effective risk management.

  • Can I customize the project management features in Striven?


    Yes, Striven allows customization of its features. You can tailor workflows, reporting formats, and user permissions to fit your project’s unique needs.

From Project to Profitability

Striven doesn’t just connect your team and increase project profitability. It also integrates with all of your divisions, company-wide. See what the power of complete business management software can do for you.

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