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General Ledger

Better financial decisions start with Striven.

Enhanced Chart Management & Reporting

Streamline your financial tracking with Striven’s Chart of Accounts management feature, offering precise organization of all transactions.

Meanwhile, Striven’s Enhanced Reporting turns data into actionable insights, bolstering decision-making with easy-to-read, in-depth reports.

Together, they amplify the effectiveness of your general ledger accounting.

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Automated Ledger Functions

Bank reconciliation becomes a breeze, effortlessly matching transactions with your statements.

Journal entries are automated, reducing manual effort and enhancing accuracy.

Plus, invoice creation is just a click away, improving efficiency and client relationships. Transform your ledger tasks into seamless, automated processes.

Superior Internal Controls

Take charge of your financial integrity with Striven’s enhanced Internal Controls.

By establishing rigorous checks and balances with your business, you can ensure your financial data remains accurate, compliant, and secure. Monitor, detect, and prevent irregularities, all while maintaining optimal operational efficiency.

Empower your business with unshakable financial resilience, fostering trust and reliability.*

*Striven is developed and rigorously tested to be compliant with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP).

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Striven customer review rating 5 stars


“Striven allows for better tracking, less recounting, and better reporting.”


“I was using Quickbooks, but the volume of inventory transactions kept causing issues.”
—Lisa L., Controller


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Striven’s General Ledger feature?


    Striven’s General Ledger is a comprehensive accounting tool that helps manage and track your business’s financial transactions. It provides you with a central place to record, organize, and analyze your financial data.

  • Can I automate tasks using Striven’s General Ledger?


    Yes, Striven’s General Ledger allows automation of numerous tasks like bank reconciliation, journal entries, and invoice creation, helping you save time and reduce errors.

  • Can Striven integrate with other software?


    Yes, Striven offers to the ability to integrate with some of the most popular third party apps on the market. Check out our integrations page here.

  • How does Striven’s General Ledger support Chart of Accounts Management?


    With Striven’s General Ledger, you can easily categorize and organize your financial transactions in your chart of accounts. This feature provides an in-depth view of every financial activity, making it easy to track revenues, expenses, assets, and liabilities.

  • How can I benefit from Enhanced Reporting in Striven’s General Ledger?


    Striven’s Enhanced Reporting feature transforms raw data into informative, user-friendly reports, providing valuable insights into your company’s financial health. It helps identify trends and patterns, facilitating faster, data-driven decisions.

  • What are the Internal Controls in Striven’s General Ledger?


    Striven’s General Ledger allows you to establish and maintain superior internal controls. This helps ensure your financial data’s accuracy, compliance, and security, while also assisting in the detection and prevention of irregularities.

  • Can Striven’s General Ledger integrate with other systems?


    Yes, Striven’s General Ledger can seamlessly integrate with other software solutions, providing you with a unified and efficient financial management system. You can see Striven’s integrations right here.

  • Is Striven’s General Ledger user-friendly?


    Striven’s General Ledger is designed with user-friendly interfaces and intuitive navigation, making it easy to use even for those without an extensive accounting background.

  • What kind of support can I expect with Striven’s General Ledger?


    Striven offers robust customer support for all features, including our General Ledger. Our dedicated team is ready to assist you with any questions, concerns, or issues that you might encounter.

  • Can I customize the reports generated by Striven’s General Ledger?


    Absolutely, Striven’s General Ledger offers customizable reporting options. You can choose what data to include and how it’s displayed, catering the reports to your specific business needs.

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