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Empowering decision-making with insightful analytics.

From Raw Data to Actionable Insights

Anticipate trends, understand customer behavior, and make informed predictions. Welcome to a world where data not only informs but drives your business growth.

Every Report At Your Fingertips

Capture the power and versatility of a modern ERP system. From detailed financial insights and real-time inventory levels to comprehensive sales analyses and precise project management tracking, Striven centralizes all business operations data into one accessible platform.

You don’t pay for add-ons or integrations. It’s all here within one fully cloud-based system.

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Accelerate Your Growth Through Data

When all of your data is in one place, you get a single, accurate version of the truth.

Financial Reporting

Consolidate your data and get real-time insights.

Easily digestible financial data supports informed decision-making, ultimately fostering financial stability and growth.

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Service and Work Reporting

Transform your workflow management, eliminate inefficiencies, and enhance productivity.

Get a clear snapshot of your operations and watch your business thrive as you stay in tune with your customers and employees in the field.

Sales Reporting

Never miss an opportunity.

Leverage detailed sales reports to identify trends, optimize processes, and supercharge your team’s performance.

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striven inventory management overview dashboard

Inventory Reporting

Bring real-time accuracy to your stock management, eliminating discrepancies and preventing overstock or stockouts.

By optimizing warehouse operations, you can better analyze sales trends and patterns which enables precise forecasting and smarter purchasing decisions.

CRM Reporting

Striven’s CRM reporting provides your business with a holistic view of each customer, tracking interactions, preferences, and history.

Enrich customer relationships through data-driven insights, enabling your business to offer personalized and highly responsive service that leads to improved customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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Project Reporting

Striven allows teams to maintain enhanced project oversight, fostering a culture of consistently meeting deadlines and proactively identifying bottlenecks.

Data-rich insights, resource allocation tools, risk management assessments, and performance evaluations propel productivity and ensure successful projects.

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“I can run reports and really understand all the parts of the whole together.”


—Kim M., Business Owner


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will someone train me on how to run reports?


    Yes! The Striven Success Team offers free training, guidance, and support for all users of the system.

  • Can all of my employees, clients, and customers use Striven?


    Yes, you can give anyone you’d like access to your system via Striven’s Portals. Empower users with tailor-made permissions, effortlessly managed by you and your staff.

  • Can Striven create customized reports?


    Yes! Using Striven’s Report Builder tool, your company and create and run detailed reports about any facet of your operations. Tasks, transactions, customers, and inventory items are just some of the many datasets you can include in your reports.

  • Can I automate the reporting process?


    Yes, there are many components of Striven’s reporting functionality (and the rest of the software) that can be automated.

  • How can Striven increase my bottom line?


    Striven makes it easy to understand when you’re operating efficiently— and correct for when you’re not. From P&L reporting to customer satisfaction reports, you’ll be able to make sure work is done to your highest expectations.

    Striven is designed to help you achieve your goals, whether you’re looking to grow your business or simply get through your busy seasons with more success.

  • How is Striven different than NetSuite. SAP, or Acumatica?


    In addition to providing a low cost, highly customizable alternative to other agency management software solutions, we offer core features in the cloud that others don’t. From fully integrated accounting to inventory management and more, Striven is a true all-in-one software solution!

    Unlike many other software services, Striven’s customer support team and usability consistently rank among the highest all-in-one management software systems on G2 and Capterra.

  • Can Striven integrate with other platforms?


    While Striven does not need to integrate with outside software solutions to handle reporting, Striven offers multiple key integrations with free support guides for each.

  • Is the reporting function user-friendly and easily navigable?


    Yes, Striven is designed with all of our users in mind. Our intuitive dashboards and interfaces that make it easy for users to select the data they want to include in reports, define the time period for the report, and customize the format of the report. There are also pre-designed templates for common report types for those who aren’t particularly tech-savvy.

  • Can multiple reports be organized and grouped together?


    Yes, Striven’s sorting and grouping functionality allows data to be grouped together based on your specifications.

  • Will my business outgrow Striven?


    No! Striven adapts to your evolving needs, providing scalable solutions that support both you and your business’s growth over the long term.

ERP Reporting: Your Gateway To Success

By consolidating data into a single, accessible platform, Striven offers real-time, comprehensive insights into every business operation. What are you waiting for?