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Barcode/Ticket Scanning

Speed up your operations by digitizing and automating data capture processes.

striven inventory management barcode scanning

Precision Data Capture Technology

Striven provides innovative scanning solutions to streamline and enhance the accuracy of information collection processes.


  • Quick Data Entry
  • Inventory Tracking
  • Asset Management
  • POS Integration
  • Check-in/Check-out Tracking

Efficient Digital Inventory Tracking

Quick Data Entry

Scan barcodes and tickets for fast and error-free data entry. SKU tracking

Inventory Tracking

 Enhance inventory tracking with precise, real-time data

shipping and supplier vendor management
asset management log

Asset Management

Easily track and manage assets throughout their lifecycle.

POS Integration

Streamline retail transactions for efficiency and customer satisfaction.

audit log feature

Check-in/Check-out Tracking

Monitor the movement of goods and equipment within and outside the organization.

Striven customer review rating 5 stars


“I use Striven for inventory management and supply chain management. I can keep all of my suppliers, parts, and purchase orders highly organized. Striven has made it very easy to classify our items better!”


—Angelica B., G2 Review


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Striven’s barcoding/ticket scanning feature?


    Striven’s barcoding/ticket scanning feature is an integrated tool within the ERP system designed for efficient and accurate data capture and inventory tracking.

  • How does the barcoding feature improve inventory management?


    It streamlines inventory tracking by providing real-time updates and accurate data, significantly reducing manual errors and speeding up inventory audits.

  • Can Striven’s scanning feature be used for ticketing purposes?


    Yes, it is versatile and can be used for event ticketing, access control, and tracking attendees, offering quick and reliable scanning capabilities.

  • Is the scanning technology compatible with mobile devices?


    Absolutely. Striven’s scanning technology is mobile-friendly, allowing for use with smartphones and tablets for convenient and flexible data capture.

  • How does this feature integrate with Striven’s ERP system?


    It seamlessly integrates with Striven’s ERP, ensuring that scanned data is automatically updated in the system, providing a unified and efficient workflow.

  • Does Striven support different types of barcodes?


    Yes, Striven is compatible with a variety of barcode formats, ensuring flexibility and adaptability to different business needs.

  • Can the feature be used for asset tracking?


    Certainly. It’s an effective tool for asset tracking, enabling businesses to easily monitor and manage their assets with barcode tags.

  • How secure is the data captured through Striven’s scanning feature?


    Striven ensures high-level security for all data captured through its scanning feature, adhering to industry-standard data protection protocols.

  • Is there any training required to use Striven’s barcoding feature?


    Striven offers intuitive usability, but training resources are available to ensure users can maximize the benefits of the barcoding/scanning feature.

  • What kind of support does Striven provide for this feature?


    Striven provides comprehensive support including user guides, customer service assistance, and technical support for its barcoding/ticket scanning feature.

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