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Order Management

Integrated ERP software to stay on top of your order lifecycle.

All-In-One Order Management

Connecting your sales, accounting, inventory, and customer service teams improves order fulfillment while offering a superior customer experience.

Order Management Meets Digital Transformation

There’s a much better way to manage customers and sales orders: cloud-based, integrated business management software. Here are sales order management attributes that can be automated:

  • CRM Dashboards
  • Sales Tracking
  • Inventory Management
  • Shipping & Returns
  • Multi-Channel Dashboards
  • Report Generation

Integrated Order Management

Order management software handles everything from order entry to delivery dates, status tracking to credit limit checking. Improve order fulfillment while offering a superior customer experience.

striven client portals

Customer Portal

A Customer Portal allows your customers to electronically sign contracts, approve orders, and pay invoices online.


Integrated accounting lets you stay on top of AR and collections. Get paid faster and master your aging reports.

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Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

CRM software should be so much more than a customer database. You need a comprehensive system that supports your sales team to make sure they never miss an opportunity.

Inventory Management

For many businesses, inventory is one of its most valuable assets.

In retail, manufacturing, food services, and other inventory-intensive sectors, understanding inventory on a real-time basis is essential to ongoing profitability.

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order management shipping returns inventory management

Shipping and Returns

Intelligent shipping and 100% error-free orders equals a lower rate of returns and greater profitability.

Report Generation

Standard, custom, and customizable report templates let you see your data your way. Utilize at-a-glance Key Performance Indicator metrics to monitor your company’s health in real time.

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Multi-Channel Dashboards

Understanding the channel of origin for every sales order helps you allocate marketing funds optimally.

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“Through Striven’s APIs, we have fully automated our order entry, invoicing, shipping, and receiving, making us much more efficient.”


“Striven is getting better and better!”
—Small Business Exec.


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why is an order management system important?


    Process each order efficiently and with 100% accuracy, every time. An order management system increases the efficiency of the entire order fulfillment process, automating many steps that used to rely on manual processes.

  • Can Striven help a company with multiple locations?


    Yes. Whether you operate a successful eCommerce business, sell POS items from multiple brick-and-mortar retail locations, or ship in bulk from several warehouses in different markets, Striven handles it, right out-of-the-box.

  • Is Striven a good fit for my eCommerce business?


    Certainly. Striven allows you to track leads, inventory, and financial data all in a single integrated platform. You’ll be able to track sales from all of your channels from a single dashboard.

  • Is Striven’s order management system expensive?


    It’s the opposite. As part of an all-in-one ERP business management solution, Striven’s integrated order management saves you money in (at least) two ways:

    1. Striven is single cloud-based system, which means you don’t have to pay for multiple business software applications or maintain pricey internal hardware systems.
    2. Less wasted time and energy. Because your customers’ orders are processed correctly every time, there will be fewer returns and unhappy customers.
  • What is a customer portal and how does that help me?


    An online customer portal is indispensable as part of an effective order management strategy. Why?

    1. Get paid faster. An online customer portal lets you invoice and accept payments for orders electronically, reducing the time between invoicing and customer payments.
    2. A customer portal improves customer communication throughout the sales process. You can send detailed electronic proposals and have customers “click” their approval.
  • Does Striven have its own accounting functionality?


    Yes. Accounting is an important component of effective order processing. The customer “clicks” their approval on your electronic sales proposal from within their online online customer portal. From there it’s immediately turned into a sales order that can be processed ASAP.

    Integrating accounting with sales order processing leads to a reduction in time between invoice and payment.

    With Striven you can set up a connected “payment reminder” email workflow, politely reminding your customers when payment is coming due.

  • What if my salespeople make mistakes with orders?


    Mistakes can happen, especially to a more “seasoned” sales rep who has always relied on an existing manual proposal/order process.

    Striven gives a sales manager a final review for order accuracy before posting the proposal to the portal for customer approval.

    Striven’s integrated order management system provides a global sales order audit log so your sales manager has 100% visibility of sales order history.

  • Are there potential pitfalls moving to order management software?


    Of course there can be speedbumps along the road when implementing any new technology.

    A lot of these problems start with disconnected systems. An order management system doesn’t work in a vacuum. The right system integrates completely across every part of your business—financials, CRM, inventory, purchasing, and shipping, along with a customer portal for clear, concise, communication.

    Striven’s award-winning support team works with you, not only during the implementation phase, but also ongoing support to address any concerns and demonstrate ways to automate your processes.

  • How does Striven handle inventory management?


    For any business that sells a product to customers, keeping an accurate record of every item you offer for sale is imperative for success and maintaining customer satisfaction.

    Managing items in Striven is easy with the use of the Items List, which provides options to Search, Add, Import, or Deactivate Items.

    Essential inventory info can be viewed on the master inventory list, such as the Item Name, Item Number, Item Type, Quantity on Hand, Item Category, Division, Price, and Cost.

  • Does Striven integrate with ShipStation?


    Striven provides a ShipStation API Integration to allow you to send Sales Orders with an Approved or In Progress status to ShipStation for packaging and shipping.

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