Productivity Software For Busy Teams and Growing Companies

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Productivity Software For Business Teams

Boost employee engagement, reduce burnout, and identify performance metrics for continuous improvement.

A Smarter Way to Work

Dashboard Customization

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Configure the look and feel of your landing page. Easily access any division from a single screen.

Custom Reporting

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Get the information you need without having to wait. Pull reports and share them instantly.

Integrated Chat

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Create real-time discussions between team members or customers and vendors from any task or project.

Resource Navigator

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Quickly find tasks, orders, customer information, and stored company data.

Full Customization

With Striven, you can configure your lists to show only what you want to see (and filter anything you don’t). Use it with tasks, projects, customers, and more. Find the important data you need, down to the smallest detail, with a single click.

You can even set your results to load automatically.

Collaboration Tools For a More Engaged Office

Document Management

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Centralize and store links, documents, and other company content. Create custom searchable sections to classify and organize your information.

Smart Calendar

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Track and manage appointments, view peer calendars, and request meetings with customers, vendors, and coworkers. Integrates with Microsoft Office 365 and Google Workspace.

Company Newsfeed

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Share company news, announcements, employee updates, and events. Buzz is an internal newsfeed that promotes your company culture.

Employee Feedback

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Collect valuable feedback from your employees. By using surveys, quizzes, and shared calendars, you’ll build a more positive company culture.

Goal Tracking

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Emphasize and manage the goals that are central to your company’s vision. Create, monitor, and update high-level, company, or team objectives.

Team Efficiency

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Calculate the average response and resolution time for your employees’ completed tasks. Perfect for companies that have Service-Level Agreements with their clients.

Why Our Customers Love Striven

Saved searches are amazing. They allow me to check my employees’ work, stay organized and productive, and make sure we’re meeting our expected revenue.

Kimberly Berg
MIS Operations Manager
McCollister’s Transportation Group, Inc.


If you’re looking for a software that can help you get access to the information they need to make better business decisions, then Striven is the system that you need.

Dustyn Mutka
Staff Accountant
MedPro Disposal


I love the efficiency and time saved (increase productivity and professionalism) in being able to leverage the e-doc storage capabilities.

David Cranfill
Professional Collision Equipment


Feeling Productive Yet? Let’s Get You There.

Striven productivity software is an entirely new way to work smarter. Our productivity tools include much more than typical business management systems—you’ll connect your company in ways you never knew were possible.

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