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Task Management Software

Project management tools to help you organize and prioritize work.

Task Tracking Tools

Improve your productivity by always knowing what’s on your list and using smart filters to prioritize all of your work.

My Tasks

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Review, update, or change any tasks currently assigned to you. Prioritize your work: sort by “due soon” or “past due” for a customized display

Tasks By Type

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Streamline assignments by categorizing task types. View tasks created and completed by group; filter by customer, assignment, or date range

Recent Tasks

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See what’s up next and what you’ve worked on recently. Pin tasks to keep priority work at the top of your list.

Personal Task Dashboard

The task dashboard is your hub for viewing individual or team tasks. Create and assign new tasks, check the list, and manage your workload all from a central location.

Team Management for Projects


  • View by team member for a comprehensive look at your project’s progress.
  • See who’s on track and which tasks are past due.
  • View which tasks have been completed and filter by date.
  • Drill-down with filter options for task type, customer, person assigned, and team.

Task Tracking by Customer Project

Keep your customers happy by ensuring that projects are completed on time. Filter tasks by customer and view dates for created and completed tasks. Customize further and filter by the task type or customer category.

Task Efficiency Reports


  • How many tasks were started vs. how many started late.
  • Date ranges and filters by tasks completed.
  • Customer project efficiency.
  • Individual and team task reports.

From Task-to-Done: A Better Work Management System

Striven keeps your team organized and on track so you can complete tasks and projects more efficiently. With 360° management, you’ll never miss a thing. Contact us to see how you can start working smarter today.

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