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Getting Started



  • Overview


    We have compiled resources on some of the most frequently referenced topics to assist you with setting up your Striven system. Within this guide, you will find resources on Striven Sign On methods, custom fields, and more.

  • Single Sign On vs. Username and Password


    The first step to starting your Striven setup is configuring your Sign On Method. Our Single Sign On vs. Username and Password Community Post offers information on the benefits of using a Single Sign On method through Google or Microsoft.

  • Global Custom Fields


    Striven has the capability to allow Global Custom Fields which allow you to input and track information related to different areas within Striven that are not standard. Global Custom Fields can be added to Customers and Vendors, Employees, Items, and more.

  • Entity Level Custom Fields


    For scenarios where you may need to be more granular or you would a like a Field present in specific areas, you can add Custom Fields to entities including but not limited to, Sales Order types, Purchase Order types, and Task types.

  • Using Support Chat


    Our Striven Support Team is accessible for quick questions and assistance via chat! The Support Chat is an easy to use feature that allows you to speak directly with a live representative. We have a helpful video that walks you through the process getting live Support on Chat.