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Striven Partner Program

Grow your business and work with a team that understands the ongoing value of support, relationships, and opportunity!

Build Your Practice, Experience More Value

Commission & Revenue

Recurring Commission

Earn structured bonuses through subscription fees for every successful referral.

Added Revenue

Implementation, training, maintenance, and support services you provide to the leads are billable entirely to you.

Striven Partner Revenue & Commission
Advisors & Training

Tech Advisors

Industry experts available to consult and assist with the sales and support process.


Onsite and remote training, certification program, and a full library of videos and documentation.

Striven Partner Advisors & Training
Marketing, Integrations, & API


Access to targeted marketing collateral, including email campaigns, event materials & custom docs.


APIs, add-on solutions, and sponsored development for a customized end-to-end platform.

Striven Partner Marketing, Integrations, & API

Featured Partners

Hope & Teal Designs


Hope & Teal Designs is a veteran-spouse, women-owned, Christian-based company that offers creative/design, marketing, and technology services and promotional products to micro-businesses across the USA.

Fazer Tech


Fazer Tech helps clients who have a need for upgrading the technology that powers their day-to-day operations and overall business strategy. The company creates cloud-based solutions that range from fully automated web apps to task-centric code snippets.

Onpoint Profit Solutions


Onpoint Profit Solutions helps businesses improve compliance with Standard Operating Procedures, optimize human resources, capitalize on the management of assets, and facilitate real time financial reporting. The result is targeted improvement of efficiency, growth of top-line sales, and larger profit margins.


Small Business Outfitters


Small Business Outfitters offers fractional CFO services to wholesale distribution and trades businesses. Our purpose is to provide a clear path to financial prosperity and maximize shareholder benefits. We craft custom “profit blueprints” and drive real-cash profits through the use of simple systems, software automation, and data integrity.


Industry Leading Ratings

Proven performance and service for a truly competitive signature product or portfolio addition.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How Can Striven Help My Clients?


    Striven removes the problems caused by unconnected or outdated software, allowing businesses to work smarter and more efficiently. Unlike many of the older ERP systems on the market, Striven has an easy-to-use interface and is built for customization.

    Most businesses that adopt Striven meet two conditions: 1) they are either in, or approaching, a growth stage and are frustrated with the limitations of their current software— often accounting, inventory, and project-based products; 2) already using an Enterprise software but feel that they are either paying too much, not getting the level of service they need, or don’t feel that the software is the right fit for their businesses.

    Striven facilitates growth while allowing businesses to operate the way they envision it. It’s a smart and novel solution for companies that want more power, modern BI, and better workflows.

  • What Sizes and Industries is Striven Best For?


    Striven is ideal for small to midsize businesses. Currently, our subscribers range from 5 employee to 700 employees companies. Built to scale, Striven is a solution that can help companies best manage the challenges of growth, which include: increased data and operational complexity, multiple locations, growing internal and external stakeholders, and more.

    Striven has product editions that complement businesses in manufacturing, professional & field services, and more. Each product edition is designed to meet the core standards, compliances, and workflows of each industry.

  • What Sets Your Partner Program Apart?


    Just as your client relationships are the heart of your business, we value direct and ongoing relationships with our partners. We understand how important communication, transparency, networking, and product support are to the ecosystem of vendor, partner, and client.

    We firmly believe the people make all the difference in successful software selection, implementation, and success. With that in mind, our partnership program delivers in both relationship management and compensation.

    When you partner with us, you’re not simply “one of many.” You’re part of our team, and our commitment to you is just as important as it is to each other.

  • Who Are Striven Partners?


    Striven partners have a variety of experiences: they are consultants, technology and IT service providers, MSPs, VARs, accountants & CPAs, implementation groups, University & startup incubators, and many others.

    Essentially, anyone who has the resources and experience to either provide a referral or full ERP implementation can become a Striven partner.

  • How Much Can I Earn Through a Partnership?


    There are several payment structures available for partners depending on type. Referral partners earn commission directly from signing on subscribers themselves or providing referrals to us, while implementation partners also bill for the services they provide.

    Contact us to learn more about how our partners are compensated.

  • What Is My Commitment As a Partner?


    The commitment Striven partners make varies by the type of partner they choose to become. Referral partners understand Striven’s value for their client base and make targeted recommendations when it’s the best fit. Implementation partners know our system more intimately, as they have the staff to get a business running on Striven, often supporting them along the way.

    The Striven team is a support system for all partner types, ensuring that partners have the proper understanding, training, and ongoing resources to fit their needs.

  • How Can I Get Access to Striven Training Resources?


    You can find a full set of documentation on the support page of our website, in addition to helpful training videos on our YouTube channel. We also provide  in-person or online training, including webinars, guided walkthroughs, live partner support chat, and more. In short, you’ll get everything you need to understand Striven thoroughly in addition to the helpful resources to share with your clients.

  • Do I Have to Sign a Contract?


    Yes, Striven partnerships are a contractual obligation for both parties. If you think Striven is the right product to partner with, contact us to initiate the process.

Let’s Work Together

If you’re looking for a true value-add to your software portfolio, starting your consulting business, or simply want to learn more about what a Striven partnership looks like, get in touch with us!

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