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Striven is an ERP for logistics and transportation companies that keeps them on time, connected, and running cost-effectively.

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For Planning, Supply, and Transportation

Supply chains and customer demands are changing. They will continue to change at increasingly erratic and rapid paces. Striven helps you plan, pivot, and manage your supply and transportation processes so you can adapt to whatever comes next.

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End-to-End Monitoring and Management

Business Intelligence

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Real-time analytics and insight to make the best process and product decisions.

Planning and Scheduling

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Identify bottlenecks, increase efficiency and reduce waste with detailed APS tools.

Fleet Management

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Automate workflows for maintenance, and inspections; manage reservations and identify issues for in-house or outsourced fleets.


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Optimize travel, add custom delivery rules, and communicate changes in real time across all freight operations.

Demand Management

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Manage promotions, discounts, lead times, alternates, and reservations all from one organized location.


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Detailed operations management to help you control processes from materials to finished product.

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See how this supply & distribution company used Striven to increase their customer conversion rate by 200%.

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