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Remote Work Solutions

When the world demands better flexibility for the ways we work, bring your teams together more than ever before.

Work More Effectively In The Cloud

Most online collaboration tools are limited by single or few-function capabilities. That doesn’t work when you need the full toolbox. Striven has everything you need to not just run remotely—we help you run better, and more affordably.

Seamless Operations. Automated Processes.

Your workforce thrives on efficiency. Eliminate unnecessary steps and get rid of manual or duplicate data. Your team can now share data in one coherent system.

striven business management software

Connect With Customers & Vendors Quickly and Easily

Whether you need to give your customers a more convenient way to pay you, manage your subcontractors, or share project status externally, our portals do it all.

Developed By Leaders. Tested By Teams. Proven By Users.

Whether you’re running your business remotely already or looking to move to a remote model, our advisors can help you work through every stage. See how much more you can accomplish remotely with Striven.

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